Ultra Low Power Stereo DAC with Headphone Driver, 3 Line Inputs

The WM8918 is an ultra low power stereo digital/analog converter (DAC) with integrated ground-referenced headphone amplifiers that incorporate a dual-mode charge pump to optimize efficiency and power consumption during playback. The ground-referenced outputs eliminate headphone coupling capacitors and the outputs include common mode feedback paths to reject ground noise. Control sequences for audio path setup can be pre-loaded and executed by an integrated control write sequencer to reduce software driver development and minimize pops and clicks. The analog input stage can be configured for single ended or differential inputs, and up to three stereo microphone or line inputs may be connected.

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  • Low 3.8 mW quiescent power consumption for DAC to headphone playback
  • Low 2.4 mW quiescent power consumption for analog bypass playback
  • Integrated FLL provides all necessary clocks
    • Self-clocking modes allow processor to sleep
    • All standard sample rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz
  • Stereo digital microphone input
  • Three single-ended inputs per stereo channel
  • One fully differential mic/line input per stereo channel
  • Digital dynamic range controller (compressor /limiter)
  • Digital side tone mixing
  • Ground referenced headphone driver
  • Ground referenced line outputs

Parametric Specifications

Channel(s) Out 2
Resolution (bits) 24
Dynamic Range (dB) 96 (SNR)
THD+N (dB) -86
Sample Rate (kHz) 8-96
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.8-2
Digital Power Supply (V) 1-3.6
Operational Power Consumption (mW) 2.4-14
Output Level (Vrms) 1
Package 32 QFN

Software and Tools


v3.12.0.3 : 42.8 Mb

Device Pack for WM8918

v1.1 : 1375 Kb


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